Books by Andrew Komarnyckyj (Some using the pen-names A K Reynolds and Jack D McLean)

Blacktelligence Rules

The Revenge of Joe Wild

Cover of The Revenge of Joe Wild, a book by Andrew Komarnyckyj

‘Engaging and fascinating…feels like a Mark Twain or Faulkner novel …It’s honestly quite masterful.’

Tina S Beier, publishing professional and a guest reviewer on WhisperingStories.com

Ezra Slef, The Next Nobel Laureate in Literature

Ezra Slef, The Next Nobel Laureate in Literature by Andrew Komarnyckyj book cover image

‘Layer upon layer of literary jabs, clever writing, and stuff that’s so laugh out loud funny…’

John Llewelyn Probert, British Fantasy Award Winner

‘A deliciously sardonic tale…packed with surprises.’

Michael Dirda, Pulitzer Prize-Winning Literary Critic, writing in The Washington Post

Kill Me Goodbye

Kill Me Goocbye by A K Reynolds Book Cover

‘This crime thriller packs a punch…The ending had my jaw dropping open.’

Zelda FeatzReviews, Goodreads Reviewer

‘Be prepared for many handbrake squealing twists and turns that make this a fantastic book.’

Books ‘n’ Banter Book Blog

Very Nearly Dead

Very Nearly Dead by A K Reynolds Book Cover

‘Really clever. Brilliant writing.
An ending that you will never see coming; just brilliant.’

Lynn, Goodreads Reviewer

‘Twisty, dark, and completely unputdownable.’

Musings of a Bookworm

Confessions of an English Psychopath

Confessions of an English Psychopath Book Cover

‘James Bond meets Dexter Morgan in this savagely funny, twisted novel from Jack D. McLean.’

Col’s Criminal Library

‘I promise you will not read anything vaguely similar to this highly original novel.’

Law Society Gazette

Manchester Vice

Manchester Vice by Jack D McLean Book Cover

‘If you’re on the lookout for hard hitting, no-holds-barred, take no prisoners, Noir, look right here.’

The Haunted Reading Room

‘This book is all kinds of messed up…it’ll blow your mind…’

Briar’s Reviews

Celebrity Chef Zombie Apocalypse

Celebrity Chef Zombie Apocalypse by Jack D McLean Book Cover

‘Pacy, stomach-churning … can be read in one sitting – but others may prefer this nightmarish tale in bite-size chunks.’

The Law Society Gazette

‘Jack…is the master of the comedic horror genre…Overall this book is a true masterpiece!’

Briar’s Reviews


Zomcats by Jack D McLean Book Cover

‘A hilarious read, an unexpected ending and it enforces my decision why I am a dog lover.’

Yvonne Davies, Goodreads Reviewer

Great British humor that even us crazy Americans can enjoy, LOL. Loved it!

Montzalee Witmann, Goodreads Reviewer


Thatchenstein by Jack D McLean Book Cover

‘A really enjoyable read’

Phil Patterson, Goodreads Reviewer

‘Loved this. It was a great finish to the series.’

EdwardKy, Goodreads Reviewer

The Drowning Earth

‘The Drowning Earth is a Dark, violent and unpleasant book, but it is fun!’

Sam Tyler, SF Book Reviews

‘An epic quest, twisting and turning through the marshlands of what’s left of the south of England, is the scene of his odyssey… Strap yourself in to read this fast paced thriller!’

R M Pomfret, Amazon Reviewer

Dirty Noir

‘A cracking mix of darkly comic short stories full of fabulous characters’

R M Pomfret, Amazon Reviewer

‘Well crafted, with haunting ideas.’

PM, Amazon Reviewer

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